Friday, October 24, 2014

Herbcraft Class Series with Olivia Josephine

Meet Olivia Josephine 
our new resident Nature fairy 
at *BSB* 

Beltane, or May Day, is an ancient fire festival celebrated on May 1st to welcome the season of renewal, fertility, flowers, fairies, and the return of the light. Synchronistically, I was born on this day and it is my mission to help bring about renewal, light, fertility, and growth via connecting with and celebrating the powerful forces and fruits of nature.

I have been making all natural herbal skincare and aromatherapy products since August 2011 when I started interning with my first mentor, Tonja Reichley- Herbalist, teacher, and proprietress of MoonDance Botanicals in Denver, CO. In addition to working at the shop and making product, I studied traditional Celtic herbal healing ways in the Wise Woman tradition. Since then, I have taken many workshops on the healing arts, read countless books, studied at sacred sites in Ireland, completed a medicinal aromatherapy certification course, completed a 10-month community herbalism course, along with a 10-month advanced intensive course in learning how to become an herbal wellness coach for the community. 

I have recently joined the Bazaar Star Beadery community and I am delighted to share the gifts and wisdom of DIY plant remedies, health & wellness, crystal energy work, perfumes, luxury skin care, bath &  beauty products, ritual, and much more!  

My philosophy is to not use anything on the skin that you couldn’t eat!  All products are personally handmade in small batches using 100% certified organic or locally wild-harvested herbs and pure unadulterated essential oils and carrier oils. 

I am currently offering aromAzingly crafty classes.   BEAUTY products can be healing.  As we learn to recognize and appreciate and nurture the beauty within ourselves, we open ourselves more fully up to the beauty that radiates through the universe.  Indulging our senses is a sacred act.  Pleasure is healing.   Join me in learning that taking care of ourselves can be pleasurable, affordable, and down-right fun! Let's gather and reconnect to the healing power of MamaEarth's bountiful gifts.

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Ombre Peyote Bracelet
We have been cooking up great new projects, beads and other beautiful things for you to enjoy.  Since we entered the fall season we are beading the days away, while drinking our pumpkin coffees.  Check out our Calendar for new bead classes and our new series of herbal beauty splendidness with our resident nature pixie, Olivia!

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