Monday, September 3, 2012

Meet the Staff!

Bazaar Star Beadery is a Bead Store in Ridgewood NJ that was created by Jolene Star in 1999. Through its 13 years it has evolved into more than a store and has become a studio space for beaders to create spectacular and exciting beaded innovations. *BSB* beaders are making it all; sophisticated or funky jewelry, bead curtains, whirly swirlies, and even party favors. The *BSB* brigade is there to assist beaders turn their ideas into a reality. All of these bead store fairies are knowledgeable in the ways of the beads and are excited to impart their secrets on to any willing beaders! But who are these bead store fairies? Let's find out!

Sugar is sweet and so is Kat.
She is the bead store's most joyful bead
 expert.  Kat often describes herself
with two things: has brown hair and
loves beads. And it's nothing but the truth.

Jolene Star is the bright and mystical owner of
 *BSB* She is enamored with anything Heart
 shaped and African! She has been inspiring
 beaders with her cheery energy and funky
 aesthetic for many years!

Brenna is one of the bead store's
newest blossoming experts.
 Her wisdom on spirituality and crystals
transcends beaders into another world.
She loves to sing while she works.

Tess is part of the bead store's team of
Party Fairies! She enjoys beading with the
birthday girls and boys.  Tess loves Turquiose
beads and other Semi-precious stones!
Zoe is the “It Party Beader” of the
 Bead Store. She's fun and witty
 and anxious to help new beaders
 find their favorite beads. Zoe loves
 all green beads and eclectic beads
 with lots of history.
Allison is the bead store's number one
 bead teacher. She's cheerful and
 patient and willing to solve the  ups
and downs of beading. Allison is always
 getting inspired and creating new projects
 for the beaders to enjoy.
 Check them out in the store!

Lauren is part of the bead store's team
of Party Fairies! She loves
 using wooden and African beads
 in her colorful necklaces.
She also likes to help the kids use
 color to create their one of a kind gems!
Mary is our resident fairy mermaid with her pink and
purple colored hair.  She brightens up the bead parties
and gets especially creative at bead camp.  She loves
all beads sherbet colored and loves eating sherbet too!!

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